Private Hot Tub Test Soak

Relax in our Hot Spring Spas & choose the perfect model for your family!

Would you buy a car without driving it first?  Of course not!  Nor would we expect you to purchase a spa without first testing it out, even with Hot Spring’s Absolute Best Hot Tub Ownership Guarantee.  We have spas from Hot Spring’s Hot Spot, Limelight, Highlife, & Highlife NXT Series set up in our Greensboro, NC Showroom, and we want to offer you the opportunity to relax in each one, on your own time and in the privacy of our store after hours!  Each series offers its own benefits and features, and we firmly believe that the best way to find the perfect hot tub for your lifestyle and needs is to test out each one.  Bring your family or some friends with you, and we’ll provide the music, snacks, and drinks!  Just fill out the form, and we will contact you within a few hours to set up your test soak on the earliest possible date.