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CLT: (704) 456-7775 | GSO: (336) 790-8303

Are you ready to improve your life and health?

It might feel like there's too much to learn about hot tubs.

It can be overwhelming to begin the shopping process for a purchase as large as a hot tub, and you want to be sure that you end up with the best spa for you and your family!  From jets and filtration to water care, cabinet & shell options, and size, there's a ton of information to wade through, and different features will matter more to some than to others.  This simple guide takes you through every step, arming you with all the right questions to ask once you start shopping in-store!  Some features:

The Basics

  • What questions should I be asking?
  • Hot tub water care options
  • What spa features matter the most?
  • Which filtration system is best?
  • Estimating monthly operating costs

Buying Advice

  • Selecting a hot tub brand
  • Choosing the perfect spa model
  • What are some common buying mistakes?
  • How do I avoid them?